So, I went and eloped to New York!

Written by: VintageKeeley


The Perfect DIY Wedding!

So after being with the amazing Mr Rosendale for well over 16 years and desperately longing to be married before I celebrated my big 4 0,  it was a mutual but scary decision for us to elope off into the sunset! Why?……well we decided that this way, we could avoid all the fuss that a standard wedding brings and do something for us!


With 2016 being the year I turned forty as well as my daughter Beth turning 18 (how did that happen?) it was perfect. Beth could be the witness and no one need know.

Now I am rubbish at keeping secrets, somehow i did. Apart from the lovely Clare at House of Foxy (who made my dress) and some random strangers (because I had tell someone) nobody else had a clue and we went off with a little secret on our holiday in New York.

Why New York? Well Vegas has been done so many times and Mr Rosendale could use his air miles. We’d been for a flying visit in 2015 and after I was poorly and missed the initial proposal plans (done later on my birthday)  it seemed like a good choice. Plus you can get married quite easily with just minimal paperwork to sort out and a cost of only $70 for the nuptials.

The plans

We did not want to spend much, yes we had flown to New York but that could class as the Honeymoon we felt we did not need to spend on Cakes, Cards, A Reception, Photographer, Suit for Steve, Flowers etc the list can be never ending if you are not careful.

8 weeks before D-Day I went off to the local craft shop and made my bouquet from felt, vintage buttons and fake flowers………3 hours later is was complete and looking pretty good (3 years of organising a vintage wedding fair helped to inspire)


Mr Rosendale expressed an interest in wearing shorts and I found a lovely vintage prom dress for Beth. The colour scheme had been chosen to tie in with an unworn pair of Converse I had picked up from a carboot for £6 and of course the orange/yellow was to coordinate with my wedding car of choice, a New York taxi.

Apart from some rings, that was it and we were off.

The wedding day

City Hall is one of many large stately building in downtown New York and a place were you can get married within 24 hours of filling in some paperwork.

So on 8th July (two days before I was 40) we got hitched. We arrived at 8am to join the queue and by 9am we were married!

The vows took all of 2 minutes in West Chapel with a lady that said “No photos, Fridays are busy” She was not joking! When we came out the other end the place was packed!! We stopped at the souvenir shop for a couple of mementos and then we were Mr & Mrs Rosendale! (finally)



The rest of our Wedding morning involved a paper chase around New York and lots of selfies. We had a wedding breakfast of burger, fries and fizzy wine. Then we Face-timed our families the good news! After some silence and a little shock…..they were over joyed. Phew!

And do you know what, the whole thing was just perfect!