So, I went and eloped to New York!

Written by: VintageKeeley


The Perfect DIY Wedding!

So after being with the amazing Mr Rosendale for well over 16 years and desperately longing to be married before I celebrated my big 4 0,  it was a mutual but scary decision for us to elope off into the sunset! Why?……well we decided that this way, we could avoid all the fuss that a standard wedding brings and do something for us!


With 2016 being the year I turned forty as well as my daughter Beth turning 18 (how did that happen?) it was perfect. Beth could be the witness and no one need know.

Now I am rubbish at keeping secrets, somehow i did. Apart from the lovely Clare at House of Foxy (who made my dress) and some random strangers (because I had tell someone) nobody else had a clue and we went off with a little secret on our holiday in New York.

Why New York? Well Vegas has been done so many times and Mr Rosendale could use his air miles. We’d been for a flying visit in 2015 and after I was poorly and missed the initial proposal plans (done later on my birthday)  it seemed like a good choice. Plus you can get married quite easily with just minimal paperwork to sort out and a cost of only $70 for the nuptials.

The plans

We did not want to spend much, yes we had flown to New York but that could class as the Honeymoon we felt we did not need to spend on Cakes, Cards, A Reception, Photographer, Suit for Steve, Flowers etc the list can be never ending if you are not careful.

8 weeks before D-Day I went off to the local craft shop and made my bouquet from felt, vintage buttons and fake flowers………3 hours later is was complete and looking pretty good (3 years of organising a vintage wedding fair helped to inspire)


Mr Rosendale expressed an interest in wearing shorts and I found a lovely vintage prom dress for Beth. The colour scheme had been chosen to tie in with an unworn pair of Converse I had picked up from a carboot for £6 and of course the orange/yellow was to coordinate with my wedding car of choice, a New York taxi.

Apart from some rings, that was it and we were off.

The wedding day

City Hall is one of many large stately building in downtown New York and a place were you can get married within 24 hours of filling in some paperwork.

So on 8th July (two days before I was 40) we got hitched. We arrived at 8am to join the queue and by 9am we were married!

The vows took all of 2 minutes in West Chapel with a lady that said “No photos, Fridays are busy” She was not joking! When we came out the other end the place was packed!! We stopped at the souvenir shop for a couple of mementos and then we were Mr & Mrs Rosendale! (finally)



The rest of our Wedding morning involved a paper chase around New York and lots of selfies. We had a wedding breakfast of burger, fries and fizzy wine. Then we Face-timed our families the good news! After some silence and a little shock…..they were over joyed. Phew!

And do you know what, the whole thing was just perfect!



My Top 10 VHS Picks

Written by: VintageKeeley

This month, I’m busy taking the UK by storm with the Vintage Home Show!

That’s right! It’s back!

This time I’ll be taking it to Leeds (Sunday 19th June) and Manchester (Sunday 26th June), so you’d best be ready for that good ol’ vintage hit that’ll be waiting… in a city near you!

Fancy a sneak peek?

With so much of my attention taken up by the Vintage Home Show, I’ve been fortunate enough to assess a few goodies that will be finding their way over to you. I always get really excited, as I never fully know what amazing stuff will be coming along, but this time I’ve caved and had my own little preview!


You’re in for a real treat!

Ok, enough teasing! I’m sure you’re on the edge of your sofa!

WELL, here are my top 10 picks – a few items that are making me especially eager to see this month (in no particular order)!

Leeds, Sunday 19th June, Pudsey Civic Hall

1) Antelope Chair by Ernest Race

The Antelope Chair is widely considered to be one of Ernest Race’s most distinguished designs. It perfectly defines 1950’s living and this particular chair is a stunning example – the ideal addition to any Mid-century inspired home.

This one belongs to the wonderful Whittaker & Gray who will be attending our Leeds VHS!

If you want to be in with a chance of becoming its new owner, head on over to our Leeds venue this Sunday!

2) Teak Dressing Table

Teak everything! That’s what I say!

I absolutely adore this dressing table – it ticks all the right boxes in the design stakes!

Want it?

Make sure you look for Almeida at our Leeds event!

It’s one of the many beautiful, vintage items they’ll be adding into the mix this weekend.

Teak Dressing Table

3) Fernand Legar ‘The Circus’ 

This amazing example of original, 1950’s art is bound to add a burst of colour to any room!

It’s completely unique and super funky – courtesy of Fifties Art! Be sure to hunt them down at VHS.

Fernand Leger The Circus 1953 (2)

4) Bitossi Duck & Vase

Ok, now I’m in love! I’m tempted to nab these for my new home…

This Bitossi duck and vase duo by Aldo Londi is packed fully of jazz. The cool blue, multi-tonal look is very on trend right now and this vintage set would look great in any house!

I can already sense the treasure hunt about to take place…

These two pieces will be brought along by Snygg Style. I really want the duck!

Duck & Vase

5) Pineapple Ice Buckets

Always an ice-breaker (excuse the pun, it was intentional…) this collection of Pineapple Ice Buckets will no doubt be a funky talking point of the day! This is a fab set, with rich colours and an extremely detailed design, brought to you by Vintage Things Forever.

13346912_1125670247491565_1322470122629911964_n (2)

Manchester, Sunday 26th June, Victoria Baths


6) The 1970’s Chair

How groovy is this???!!

This shaggy little vintage number is by Thomas & Byrne and I think you’ll agree that it’s very special indeed! I love the brown leather panels – adds an extra touch of warmth, don’t you think?

7) Bamboo Bar

This would have been incredibly iconic way back when!

Every household needs a bar in their living area… I think it’s even more appropriate nowadays, don’t you?!

If you love this as much as I do, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for Boomerang Vintage & Retro at my Manchester Vintage Home Show!

Bamboo Bar

8) Clear-topped Coffee Table

Another vintage beauty! This Mid-Century piece is ideal if you just want to add a touch of vintage chic to your home – a classic ‘nod’, if you will…

This one will be brought along by Oh So Vintage – make sure you have a good riffle through their exhibit as you’ll find some real gems!!

Coffee Table

9) Nest of Tables

Who loves a good table set? I certainly do! This particular nest of tables is from the wonderful Vintage Treat, who will also be attending our Manchester event.

It’s the perfect item for updating a living room – in an ultra stylish way!


10) Stack of Metal Industrial Drawers

Bang on trend!

The vintage ‘industrial/urban loft’ look is where all modern-minded, interior-lovers will venture when searching for style inspiration.

This stack is the perfect place to start if you’re hoping to add a bit of industrial charm to your home! Look out for Absolutely Nice Vintage if this is where your heart lies!

Industrial Drawers

I think that about covers it this time! This is, however, just the tip of the iceberg as many exhibitors don’t have time to send pictures, so it’s all just one big, lovely surprise on the day!

Oh what a shame, I guess you”ll have to attend now…!

To avoid those horrid queues (and risk missing out on a gem) you can now buy tickets to the Vintage Home Show in advance via the following link (click here). Last minute deciders can still buy on the door though, so don’t worry!

See you there,

Keeley x

Vintage Events: Hop over to the Home Show

Written by: VintageKeeley

The Vintage Home Show is BACK!

That’s right, folks of Bristol beware! We will be cooking up a vintage storm in your area this weekend!

Where? The Paintworks, Baths Road, Bristol, BS4 3EH

Sunday really will be Funday as I dazzle The Paintworks with a host of wonderful Vintage Homeware, all supplied from a wide-range of stallholders and vintage experts – most of whom I’ve known for a very long time (it’s almost an excuse to have a reunion but shhh).

Love Mid-century modern? Perhaps you’re looking at re-vamping your home in some way? Maybe you’re an interior designer?

That’s great! There will be something to tempt all of you!

In fact, head on over to my event on Sunday 22nd May and I challenge you not to walk away with an incredible vintage gem! From Mid-century furniture, retro lighting and ceramics to vintage textiles and artwork galore; my mission is to bring together the UK’s best Vintage and Mid-century Specialists to showcase quality vintage pieces.

If truth be told, The Vintage Home Show has got to be one of my favourite events to organise. Mostly down to my own personal love of anything G-Plan and Ercol! But also because it has such an incredible buzz around it. It’s always so lively! It’s also been known for a few celebs to pop in too so keep your eyes peeled and your iPhones ready!!

I’m also in the middle of having a new house built…

That could be why I’m extra excited for this one! A great excuse to join you all in a vintage buying jolly! Those who have met me, know how much I love going hunting so I hope to see plenty of other go-getters there, just like me!

I can’t wait! For all the details please visit my website here.


See you there!

Keeley x

The Aftermath…

Written by: VintageKeeley

Here’s to doing it all again in 2017!

Well, I’m sad to say that the Festival of Vintage 2016 has now been and gone…

It went so quickly but what a weekend it was! I’m, frankly, still on a come-down and probably could do with a holiday to recover…

BUT it was amazing as always!

For those of you who couldn’t make it, here’s a sneak peak and a quick recap of what went down…


Festival of Vintage 201

The Fashion Shows

Oh. The Fashion Shows.

They were divine!

Endless beautiful ensembles swished and swayed down our catwalk from a host of lovely vintage sellers.


First up, we had our annual Festival of Vintage Parades, which showcased original vintage clothing from the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s and 1960s!

Megan, from Purple Rabbit Vintage, supplied all the fabulous vintage garments and compared the fashion show; sharing incredible design information and garment histories.


Now, I have to give all the models a rather BIG shout out here, for volunteering and really making the parades the best ones yet! Their continuous enthusiasm was highly infectious and certainly wooed the crowds! They pulled out some serious moves and pouts along the way! The photographers had a blast!




I would also like to say a massive thank you to all the backstage help we received, including the fabulous hair & make up team! You know who you are!

Thank you very much for participating, you all did wonderfully!

Secondly, we had the incredible House of Foxy showcasing their stunning vintage inspired collection. The quality and detail that go into each of their designs is astounding; it was a joy watching their shows and hearing their behind-the-scene inspiration.

Festival of Vintage 255

Clare Quartermaine, Founder of House of Foxy (their absolute secret weapon) simply captivated the audience with her vintage knowledge and let us in on her design secrets. If you caught one of her shows over the weekend and spotted something you haven’t stopped thinking about since, click here and saunter on over to her website.

My next shout out goes to…. The Vintage Beauty Parlour! Yes, they were back in full swing providing all my lovely visitors with stunning vintage looks. They also styled all of House of Foxy’s models too! What a busy weekend it was for them – Bethany Davies and her team are such professionals though so they made it all look too easy!

Festival of Vintage 185

The Shopping

I have to admit that I spent most of the weekend rushing left, right and centre, making sure that everything went smoothly so I didn’t get the chance to shop…

BUT I, the busy bee that I was, couldn’t help but be taken aback by the sheer beauty and quality of my stallholders this year.

Honestly, it was next to impossible not to get distracted!

I’m not just taking about the immense array of vintage offerings or quality here but the level of dedication and creativity involved in setting up each stall. So much love went into every one of them and the impact they made, collectively, was so powerful. It made me feel really humbled and privileged to have them at my event!

Here are a few snaps I managed to take…







I wish I could list each and every stall holder and tell you all exactly why they’re amazing but you’ll just have to come along next year and see for yourselves!!

All Singing, All Dancing

Music is a really important aspect of The Festival of Vintage and I always take great care in booking the best quality performers.  From Rock n Roll to Blues we catered for all vintage tastes and the result was electrifying! The atmosphere wouldn’t have been the same without them!

Festival of Vintage 199

Festival of Vintage 205

We also had some fabulous vintage vehicle displays, workshops, dance lessons – you name it!

Festival of Vintage 16

Another special shout out MUST go to the fabulous M&S Company and York Castle Museum for their great talks! This was a first for the Festival of Vintage and it went swimmingly so a huge, warm thank you to them!

SO much went into making The Festival of Vintage 2016 really special so thank you to everyone who helped, attended and fell in love with vintage all over again! Remember we are an annual event so we will be back in full force next year on the 22nd & 23rd April 2017!

There’s no time like the past…

Keeley x

Collectors Corner: All About Enid

Written by: VintageKeeley

Once you’ve become hooked on vintage, you’ll quickly find that you gravitate towards a specific aspect of the vast vintage world. Or, like me, several aspects!

Now, that could be a certain decade, designer, style or lifestyle category (cars, interiors, clothing, music…) but once you dip a toe into the sea of vintage, you’ll quickly establish some sort of niche – even if you’re not ‘into’ vintage professionally, just personally.

AND SO The Collector is born!!

Enid Collins Collection (2)

Personal Mission Alert: To find fellow collectors who passionately display their treasures in their own home (as opposed to cramming them into cupboards) – mostly so I can have a nosey at what other people are falling in love with!

Those of you that know me will be aware that I have a thing for vintage handbags, especially ANYTHING by Enid Collins! I do indeed have my own collection of Enid bags but (get this) I have found another Collector who loves them (possibly) even more than me!!

What better place to begin my quest?

Her name is Catherine Beck, author of the fabulous Vintage Frills blog. I think she’ll agree that as soon as I discovered her collection I quickly hounded her with questions! However, it is all so fellow enthusiasts can get some tips and inspiration!

vintage frills1

Here’s what the lovely Catherine had to say…

What made you start collecting?

I’ve been collecting vintage for many years. My Grandma was an antiques dealer, so I was brought up around old things. I feel in love with Enid Collins bags when I saw some other people collections. I love how many designs there are, it’s something you could spend years collecting and never run out of new designs to add to the collection. I love how bright and fun the designs are and I can match them with almost all my vintage outfits. It’s so fun collecting something which not only can be used, but also looks fantastic as a display item. 

Enid Collins Flower Basket

How long have you been doing it for & how many do you have?

I have been collecting Enid Collins for about a year now and I have 10 in my collection. They are quite hard to find in the UK so I usually wait until I see a bargain online and have them shipped over from the US. 

Which was your very first addition & where did you buy it?

My first was an older flower bouquet bag, which was in excellent condition. Like almost all of my bags this one came from eBay.  Enid Collins was a Texan company so many of mine have been shipped from Texas and it’s amazing how many of mine came from there.

Enid Collins Flower Bokay

Do you have a favourite? If so, why is it?

My favourite would have to be my Chick box bag. The design is absolutely adorable and it’s the only one in my collection which is quite valuable and rare.

Do you have any tips for anyone wanting to start their own Enid collection?

My first tip would be to check the condition before buying. Although replacement jewels are available, they can be expensive so it’s best to buy bags with all the jewels still there. Bags which say Enid Collins on the side, rather than Collins of Texas are older and more desirable. I’d also recommend keeping an eye on the condition of the straps. They can be quite worn and dry and can snap, this recently happened to one of my favourite bags.

Enid Collins Calico Chicks Bag

Enid Collins Box Bag Interior

What do you look for in an Enid bag?

When it comes to vintage, I’ve never been too worried about value and rarity. To me it’s all about owning something that you love and that you can use. I’m always attracted to the brighter colours and the most heavily embellished designs. The earlier designs are also nice to own, because they were made before Enid Collins sold the company on. I think the ones produced under Enid herself feel more authentic and special to own. I mostly collect the floral ones, mainly because they are affordable and quite readily available. I would one day like to own a Sagittarius bag, although the horoscope designs are very sought after and demand very high prices. 

Enid Collins Whirl Away

Do any of them have a unique story/piece of history behind that makes it extra special? 

Enid Collins began producing her bags in Texas in the early sixties. She and her husband had moved to Texas with the intention of becoming ranchers, but eventually turned to their creative side and started their handbag business.  There are so many unique designs and no catalogue to trace all of them, so new designs are discovered all the time. They are such a fun and exciting thing to collect, because you never know what unseen designs will pop up on the market. 

Enid Collins Birds of a Feather

Enid Collins EC Stamp

Make sure you pop back for even more next week!

Keeley x