My Top 10 VHS Picks

Written by: VintageKeeley

This month, I’m busy taking the UK by storm with the Vintage Home Show!

That’s right! It’s back!

This time I’ll be taking it to Leeds (Sunday 19th June) and Manchester (Sunday 26th June), so you’d best be ready for that good ol’ vintage hit that’ll be waiting… in a city near you!

Fancy a sneak peek?

With so much of my attention taken up by the Vintage Home Show, I’ve been fortunate enough to assess a few goodies that will be finding their way over to you. I always get really excited, as I never fully know what amazing stuff will be coming along, but this time I’ve caved and had my own little preview!


You’re in for a real treat!

Ok, enough teasing! I’m sure you’re on the edge of your sofa!

WELL, here are my top 10 picks – a few items that are making me especially eager to see this month (in no particular order)!

Leeds, Sunday 19th June, Pudsey Civic Hall

1) Antelope Chair by Ernest Race

The Antelope Chair is widely considered to be one of Ernest Race’s most distinguished designs. It perfectly defines 1950’s living and this particular chair is a stunning example – the ideal addition to any Mid-century inspired home.

This one belongs to the wonderful Whittaker & Gray who will be attending our Leeds VHS!

If you want to be in with a chance of becoming its new owner, head on over to our Leeds venue this Sunday!

2) Teak Dressing Table

Teak everything! That’s what I say!

I absolutely adore this dressing table – it ticks all the right boxes in the design stakes!

Want it?

Make sure you look for Almeida at our Leeds event!

It’s one of the many beautiful, vintage items they’ll be adding into the mix this weekend.

Teak Dressing Table

3) Fernand Legar ‘The Circus’ 

This amazing example of original, 1950’s art is bound to add a burst of colour to any room!

It’s completely unique and super funky – courtesy of Fifties Art! Be sure to hunt them down at VHS.

Fernand Leger The Circus 1953 (2)

4) Bitossi Duck & Vase

Ok, now I’m in love! I’m tempted to nab these for my new home…

This Bitossi duck and vase duo by Aldo Londi is packed fully of jazz. The cool blue, multi-tonal look is very on trend right now and this vintage set would look great in any house!

I can already sense the treasure hunt about to take place…

These two pieces will be brought along by Snygg Style. I really want the duck!

Duck & Vase

5) Pineapple Ice Buckets

Always an ice-breaker (excuse the pun, it was intentional…) this collection of Pineapple Ice Buckets will no doubt be a funky talking point of the day! This is a fab set, with rich colours and an extremely detailed design, brought to you by Vintage Things Forever.

13346912_1125670247491565_1322470122629911964_n (2)

Manchester, Sunday 26th June, Victoria Baths


6) The 1970’s Chair

How groovy is this???!!

This shaggy little vintage number is by Thomas & Byrne and I think you’ll agree that it’s very special indeed! I love the brown leather panels – adds an extra touch of warmth, don’t you think?

7) Bamboo Bar

This would have been incredibly iconic way back when!

Every household needs a bar in their living area… I think it’s even more appropriate nowadays, don’t you?!

If you love this as much as I do, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for Boomerang Vintage & Retro at my Manchester Vintage Home Show!

Bamboo Bar

8) Clear-topped Coffee Table

Another vintage beauty! This Mid-Century piece is ideal if you just want to add a touch of vintage chic to your home – a classic ‘nod’, if you will…

This one will be brought along by Oh So Vintage – make sure you have a good riffle through their exhibit as you’ll find some real gems!!

Coffee Table

9) Nest of Tables

Who loves a good table set? I certainly do! This particular nest of tables is from the wonderful Vintage Treat, who will also be attending our Manchester event.

It’s the perfect item for updating a living room – in an ultra stylish way!


10) Stack of Metal Industrial Drawers

Bang on trend!

The vintage ‘industrial/urban loft’ look is where all modern-minded, interior-lovers will venture when searching for style inspiration.

This stack is the perfect place to start if you’re hoping to add a bit of industrial charm to your home! Look out for Absolutely Nice Vintage if this is where your heart lies!

Industrial Drawers

I think that about covers it this time! This is, however, just the tip of the iceberg as many exhibitors don’t have time to send pictures, so it’s all just one big, lovely surprise on the day!

Oh what a shame, I guess you”ll have to attend now…!

To avoid those horrid queues (and risk missing out on a gem) you can now buy tickets to the Vintage Home Show in advance via the following link (click here). Last minute deciders can still buy on the door though, so don’t worry!

See you there,

Keeley x

Stalling Out: The Set Up

Written by: VintageKeeley

I think it’s fair to say that I’ve been around the block a few times…

The Vintage Block, of course!!

I’ve spent years and years all over the UK, not just running vintage events but being a stall-holder at them too! Countless times!!

As a result, I often get asked for insider tips and tricks! Anything from ‘How do you make your stalls look so lovely?’ to ‘How do you set it up so quickly?’ and ‘What are your selling techniques?’.

WELL, I thought I’d take the opportunity (while I have a spare moment) to share some of my secrets…

The Set Up.

SO, you arrive at the venue, the unloading dance is finally over and you’re at your space with all that stock you definitely don’t want to be going home with! THEN you have to somehow make it look presentable and perfect…

Now, I happen to love doing displays, some of you will, some of you won’t but either way, customers are going to be entering that venue soon and you need to get cracking!

Now for my gift to you….

5 tips on how to make that all important set-up go flawlessly:

1. Focus on the Biggies 

You’re looking at your stock wondering where to begin. My advice?

Start with the large pieces you have first and get them into place.

Once you have your tables up and display cases in position, think about the space you have and how to make it slightly less grid-like. Think of it like sketching out a floor plan – use the big items you have (display tables, shelves, stands, rails, trunks etc) as markers.

The rest will follow nicely, I promise!

2. Light It Up

Never underestimate the importance of lighting; I always have my own! Never rely solely on the venue – shadows are our enemy!

Once you’ve mapped out your stall, the next thing I like to do is hunt down those power points! An extension lead is an unloading essential of mine!

I like to get my lamps into position so I can see how my space will reflect the light, that way I can get those mirrors in the right places and be more strategic in garnishing my stock!

Then the fun bit can begin…

3. Block It By Colour

This little technique really helps speed things up. Colour blocking is one of my favourite methods of all! Not only does it make your stall look stunning, it helps you to become more efficient when unpacking your items.

As you unpack, pick out the pieces that colour match and pop them into groups. Once you’ve unpacked everything you’ve pretty much got your display sorted – all you have to do is lay them out!

Orrrr if you’re very clever at packing you can get them grouped together beforehand!

Not going too badly now, is it?


4. Pause 

You’ve done it. You’ve powered through and now you’re left with a few bits that don’t have a particular colour theme like maybe some fabrics, nicknacks, pictures and clocks.

The Tip: Take a step back!

Have a good look at what you’ve created so far and see how its balancing out. Then simply use what’s left as gap fillers.

Spend a few moments shuffling things around and you’re done!

5. Who are you?


You’re not out of the woods just yet. Visitors need to know who you are and where to find you!

This is possibly one of the most common-occurring errors that I notice at events.

Whilst most stall-holders do put out signs, business cards or flyers, it’s WHERE they choose to put them that bothers me slightly. They’re nearly always out of the way, hidden near the back or submerged among piles of jewellery and fabrics.

Promotional material is equally as important as the stock you present! Bring signage and display with pride! They should be positioned at the front and in clear view and not lost in clutter!

Lastly, remember that less is more! Don’t over pack your space! People won’t see everything on a crowded table!

Now you’re done!

Breathe, get a coffee and prepare yourself for the onslaught that will hopefully follow as soon as those doors open!

A quick note: Don’t plan to sit down all day! Open up the space by standing up, interacting with your visitors and inevitably sell to them!

Good luck,

Keeley x

Blackbird Vintage in Leeds

Written by: VintageKeeley

photo 2

A Blackbird Devotee

I am constantly looking for vintage! For my business but also for my home. So I was delighted to discover there was a new Vintage Interiors Shop just up the road from me in Leeds! Not only that; it’s owned and managed by a friendly bunch of dealers I know!

Blackburn Vintage is nestled in North Leeds between Chapel Allerton & Moortown, but not too far from the City Centre. It’s a delightful and beautifully laid out vision of vintage that any style-hunter will love. Co-managed by a fashion savvy trio; who know good design when they see it!

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