My Gran had one of those!

Written by: VintageKeeley

My Guide to Kitsch Art

Kitsch Art has something of a love it or hate it reaction when its on my stall at vintage fairs! But its guaranteed to stop people in their tracks and gets them sharing nostalgic memories of Gran, Nan, Uncle or Neighbour who had one above the fireplace or bed!

Photo from Style me vintage Home (pavilion, photographer Heather Hobhouse)

Photo from Style me vintage Home (pavilion, photographer Heather Hobhouse)

I have been selling these mass produced pieces of affordable art from the 50’s-70’s for many years mainly because I love them but also because I believe they really are classics. Here is a brief history of the picture your gran had and why it’s a significant part of vintage interior style – both then and now.

There are many variations of this mass market art. Quite a few different artists of the time featured beautiful ladies, children and flora and fauna amongst it subjects. The art was reproduced and sold in its thousands in shops like Boots & Woolworths.

J.H. Lynch

Artist J.H.Lynch  was a British Artist who produced a series of alluring ladies during the 1960’s. Look out for a bevy of beauties including Woodland Goddess, Autumn Leaves, Tina, Nymph and more

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves



Vladimir Tretchikoff

South African artist Tretchikoff decided to mass produce his prints in 1952 and they became one of the top 3 best selling prints of all time. Prices and demand of his most popular trio, Miss Wong, Chinese Girl and Balinese Girl have be steadily increasing in the past few years. Plus in 2013 the original painting of Chinese Girl sold for twice its estimate at £982,050, cementing the fact that this 20th century art is truly desirable to many.

Miss wong

Miss Wong

Chinese girl

Chinese Girl

Dallas Simpson

Queen of kitsch Dallas Simpson was a British artist in the 1960’s. Her images of big eyed urchin children remain fresh and instantly recognisable. Mostly she signed her work Dallas-Simpson, but she also painted under a number of pseudonyms including Emma Louise, Audrey, and Kelita with a subtle change of style in the painting but with the same subject matter. There are over 70 images to collect!

Dressing Gown Daniel

Love them or hate them, they’re a real part of our Kitsch Art History so if reading this sparks off a lovely memory, go see if you can dig that piece out! They are getting slightly harder to find so if you knew anyone you had one or you have one in the attic, please don’t let them end up in the skip! Those stories are the ones that terrify me to my very core!!

All the best,

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