Finds of the Month: April

Written by: VintageKeeley

Hello! I’m back with my FABULOUS April finds…

Sit tight, grab a cuppa and prepare to be enthralled!

Bold is Best

Ok. I love my bangles. I’m quite possibly even a collector of them – as well as everything else! Imagine my delight when I came across these beauties! That’s two more to add to my ever-growing collection…

Who can blame me though?

First up, we have the blue Bakelite addition! Those close to me will be aware of my blue and green colour obsession. It has now transcended to include orange. Now, I have my fair share of orange bangles but this one is particularly vibrant in colour and I couldn’t resist (that’s how I’m choosing to justify it to my other half)!

Ideal for summer don’t you think?



Scarlett Soles

The 1940s and 1950s are possibly my favourite eras for shoe designs. However, it seems to be becoming much more challenging to find ones in wearable condition, let alone finding any that aren’t your typical brown or black variations!


Now, if you do find any with more design interest, you’re more than certain to pay a premium for them. WELL, well, well, lucky me found these original cherry red 1950s sandals and I must say I’m rather smitten!


I may have to keep hold of them…

Bags. Just Because. 

Yep. I’ve found more.

I’m keeping these also.


I can feel you all asking me how I could possibly need more bags! Let me tell you…

They’re from the 1930s.

That should really say it all but just in case it doesn’t…

They are handmade.

Doubly impressive, wouldn’t you agree?

And finally, they’re clutch bags.

Who can resist a clutch?


Last but by no means least; I managed to bag myself an original, late 1960s Op Art picture by Walters.

Bear with me here, I need to research this particular piece a little more, but I’ve been extremely excited to share this with you! If any of you reading this have any noteworthy information about this piece, please feel free to contact me!


This rather large beauty (please excuse the bad photo) is going to take pride of place in my new living room! Each one of the circles is an individual piece of cut wood and stacked on top of each other to make a 3-D effect picture that comes out of the wall.

Don’t worry though, I will share it in situ when the house is finished!

SO, there we have it! I’m pretty much keeping all of my finds of the month from April. I’ll be back next month with my May finds – I’m sure I’ll have found some to sell by then…

Keeley x