Fashion on the Ration

Written by: VintageKeeley

The Preview…

Guess where I was on Thursday evening?!

Only attending the preview of Fashion on the Ration!! An exciting new exhibition at the Imperial War Museum in Manchester!


I was invited to have a sneak peak before its launch to the public on the 27th May and I have to say, I was completely stunned by the exquisiteness of the exhibit!

Here’s my quick little review of the night…

To set the standard for the evening, Fashion Historian Amber Butchart gave a top-notch opening speech! She was incredibly captivating to watch (see below image)!

IMG_9342 (2)

Afterwards, we were invited to explore the exhibit, which featured an amazing collection of beautiful outfits full of colour and style. I had my camera at the ready all evening and I’m sure you will too!!

My favourite dress was this Victory Dress with flags, aeroplanes and pictures of Churchill on it!

Isn’t it amazing?!!!

IMG_9346 (2)
I also got to meet the lovely Leslie from Tin Tin Collectables, who provided some of the items for the exhibition, including a whole wall of ladies scarves with wartime messages (below). He has a fabulous space at Alfies Antiques in London for anyone wishing to have a scan through his collection…

IMG_9349 (2)
Also check out the underwear and dressing gown made of silk maps used during the war effort! Incredible!!

Expect to be wowed by all the ingenious and creative methods our lovely ladies undertook in order to break free from the bleak restrictions of rationing – it certainly is enlightening not to mention highly commendable!

IMG_9359 (2)

In my honest opinion, Fashion on the Ration perfectly demonstrates how our heroines of WW2 managed to conquer TRUE glamour – despite all the daily obstacles they faced!  It highlights their sheer determination to remain polished and elegant despite the chaos of war lurking around every turn.

IMG_9371 (2)

IMG_9370 (2)

IMG_9345 (2)

IMG_9368 (2)

You MUST go and see for yourself! It’s impossible not to enjoy it, especially if you love vintage and anything 1940s!

For more details visit Fashion on the Ration is now OPEN!

Keeley x

Vintage Events: There’s no rest for the wicked…

Written by: VintageKeeley

I’ve been here, there and everywhere once again folks!

What can I say?

I’m an unstoppable vintage-force to be reckoned with!

So, what have I been plotting?


Firstly, my wonderful Discover Vintage Fair is back on its Manchester stomping ground on Sunday 3rd April!

I always love doing this event especially at the fabulous Victoria Baths! It’s a golden oldie favourite of mine! If you love Vintage Fashion, Homeware and Curios from the 1920s to 1970s then make this your next stop for a good old vintage fix!

3rd April Poster


You know that amazing vintage event we all love attending once a year, at York Racecourse? The one that usually arrives at the end of April, making York explode with excitement and incredible vintage antics?


YEP, of course I’m referring to The Festival of Vintage! I’ve been a busy bee making sure this year is even BIGGER and BETTER than the previous. I certainly have some treats up my sleeve so be sure to mark these dates down in your diaries – the 23rd & 24th April.


For those of you stumbling upon it for the first time and desperate to find out more (how could you not be?) make sure you click here and prepare to fall deep into a vintage-clad rabbit hole!

I promise you will come out of it alive but you’ll no-doubt emerge fully transformed into a glorious vintage butterfly!

Tickets can be bought in advance here or on the door upon arrival.

Can’t wait to see you all very soon!

Keeley x

Tweed- A vintage winter essential

Written by: VintageKeeley

Tweed – a vintage winter essential

With the cold weather upon us, all good lovers of vintage will be reaching for their favourite tweed jacket, coat – or suit, if you’re especially hardcore (I won’t even touch on plus-fours)! The tweed will never be out of fashion: it’s stylish, tough, equally sexy on men and women and available in such a wide range of styles and fabric variations that, frankly, one it never enough.

Tweed Jackets

Originally invented in around 1843 for workers on the Earl of Dunmore’s estate on the Isle of Harris, the tweed jacket has been adopted and reinvented by fashion designers ever since. Coco Chanel got the tweed bug back in the 1920s (her lover, the Duke of Westminster was fond of striding round his Scottish estate in a bit of tweed) and finally unveiled her classic, boxy ‘little black tweed jacket’ in 1954, and there was no looking back.

Karl Lagerfield’s 2013 Chanel Show at Paris Fashion week has reinvented the tweed jacket yet again, weaving metallic threads through the rough tweed. Purists might laugh, but fashionistas are reaching for their tweed purses.

Tweed Karl LF


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