Finds of the Month: April

Written by: VintageKeeley

Hello! I’m back with my FABULOUS April finds…

Sit tight, grab a cuppa and prepare to be enthralled!

Bold is Best

Ok. I love my bangles. I’m quite possibly even a collector of them – as well as everything else! Imagine my delight when I came across these beauties! That’s two more to add to my ever-growing collection…

Who can blame me though?

First up, we have the blue Bakelite addition! Those close to me will be aware of my blue and green colour obsession. It has now transcended to include orange. Now, I have my fair share of orange bangles but this one is particularly vibrant in colour and I couldn’t resist (that’s how I’m choosing to justify it to my other half)!

Ideal for summer don’t you think?



Scarlett Soles

The 1940s and 1950s are possibly my favourite eras for shoe designs. However, it seems to be becoming much more challenging to find ones in wearable condition, let alone finding any that aren’t your typical brown or black variations!


Now, if you do find any with more design interest, you’re more than certain to pay a premium for them. WELL, well, well, lucky me found these original cherry red 1950s sandals and I must say I’m rather smitten!


I may have to keep hold of them…

Bags. Just Because. 

Yep. I’ve found more.

I’m keeping these also.


I can feel you all asking me how I could possibly need more bags! Let me tell you…

They’re from the 1930s.

That should really say it all but just in case it doesn’t…

They are handmade.

Doubly impressive, wouldn’t you agree?

And finally, they’re clutch bags.

Who can resist a clutch?


Last but by no means least; I managed to bag myself an original, late 1960s Op Art picture by Walters.

Bear with me here, I need to research this particular piece a little more, but I’ve been extremely excited to share this with you! If any of you reading this have any noteworthy information about this piece, please feel free to contact me!


This rather large beauty (please excuse the bad photo) is going to take pride of place in my new living room! Each one of the circles is an individual piece of cut wood and stacked on top of each other to make a 3-D effect picture that comes out of the wall.

Don’t worry though, I will share it in situ when the house is finished!

SO, there we have it! I’m pretty much keeping all of my finds of the month from April. I’ll be back next month with my May finds – I’m sure I’ll have found some to sell by then…

Keeley x

Finds of the Month: March

Written by: VintageKeeley

It’s that time again!

I’ve been on the hunt for even more vintage treasures and March has been a great old month for me!

I’m very excited to share these finds with you so be warned: you’ll be blown away!

Lady Bird Books

This was such a lovely blast from the past! I stumbled upon a box of Lady Bird books that range from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s – many of them I read myself as a child (not showing my age at all here…)

Lady Bird Books

Some of them are highly collectable and worth £10 each yet I managed to snap up over 100 for a mere £30!! Bargain of the month I’d say!




It really is amazing what some can be worth so go and check your cupboards!! You never know what you might find!!

Franco Albini Lobster Pot

I actually searched this piece specifically for a customer of mine. It’s a real beauty!!

This wicker ‘Lobster Pot’ (stool to me and you) was designed in the early 1950s by Franco Albini. What’s unique about Albini’s designs is that he was heavily influenced by small spaces and functionality.

This particular piece, for example, would work really well in a small room because the loose wicker structure gives the illusion that it’s almost transparent, allowing light to travel through the object whereas a solid, heavy structure would completely over-dominate a small space.

Franco certainly knew his stuff; I even featured him in my book, Style Me Vintage Home

It’s a fantastic design and a mid-century must have!

The Harry Bertoia Chair

LOOK AT THESE! I had to have them!

Introducing Harry Bertoia, another Italian innovator who knew how to create a good chair! His first ones were produced in 1952 at a time when most were made out of wood.



He went above and beyond with his designs and people couldn’t get enough – they still can’t today! He drew inspiration from weight and motion, which is evident in this welded wire frame; a complete contrast to the rigid, solid seating that’s more generic of its time.

I’m actually keeping this one for my long awaited new house… Couldn’t resist and well, perks of the job and all that! Thanks to Whittaker & Gray for bringing it to the Vintage Home Show for me to buy!!

Midwinter ‘Nature Study’ Plate

Spring has arrived! How much does this plate make you daydream about walks in the park?

plate spring

Terence Conran designed ‘Nature Study’ for Midwinter in 1955 – it’s actually rare to find this particular piece, especially as it’s a bigger size BUT I managed to find it at Jaguar Antiques Fair when I rocked up at 2.30 in the afternoon! It was hiding under a load of Homemaker plates (I may also of bough them too…)

Make sure you come back next month for more!

Keeley x

Finds of the Month: Feb

Written by: VintageKeeley

You know how, when you’re an avid Vintage Enthusiast, you get side-tracked at the sheer thought of your next real ‘find’ (the kind that sends your pulse into a frenzy) and, how, there’s always another one and another one, and another one…?

WELL! I thought it was about time that I shared my special finds with all of my fellow vintage lovers out there because, well, there is a reason why your pulse quickens and your hands twitch…

So today, I would like to introduce to you my favourite (of many) Mid Century home treasures that came in and out of my possession throughout the month of February.

The 1950s Cocktail Chair


Isn’t she a beauty? I couldn’t believe my luck when I stumbled upon this German Cocktail Chair from the 1950s.

The vibrant yellow-green hue and perfect condition, velvet upholstery makes it incredibly stylish. The grooves at the back add a special yet almost deco-esque twist.

What can I say? I fell in love! People raved over Cocktail Chairs in the 1950s almost as much as the cocktails themselves and your home wasn’t considered modern or tasteful without one!

The Jivers Plate: Alfred Meakin

Not just a funky plate ladies and gentlemen! This lovely little find is a VERY rare piece of Meakin.


A piece I had never had the privilege of owing before! It’s safe to say that I was over the moon to discover it! The date of production was 1957, I believe, not to be confused with the Royal Tunstall design of 1961.

1970s Brass Pineapple


Now, this particular design is having a revival. You may have seen it pop up in various ‘get the look’ features in Home Décor magazines and in quirky boutiques all over the country. It’s a must-have for any groovy, 1970s retro-lovers! It’s a complete novelty item and a perfect on-trend collectable.

Don’t know what it is? It’s an Ice Bucket and a wonderful one at that!

1968 Home Encyclopaedia

Perhaps a slightly more random find but probably the most interesting! The graphics and colours featured in this Encyclopaedia is what caught my attention.


If you’ve ever wondered how they really lived in the 1960s THIS is the perfect place to start! It has comprehensive lifestyle details of 1960s housewifery! From chairs, what cookers to buy, how to knit and clean – it really has got it all! The imagery is truly fabulous too!





Well, that pretty much sums up my finds for February!

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Keeley x